Door and drawerfront cabinet refacing option  One of many Door and drawerfront cabinet refacing options  Cabinet doors like those shown in this new cabinet photo can be used for refacing projects  Door and drawerfront cabinet refacing option  Door and drawerfront cabinet refacing option


Raised center panel oak doors like those in this new cabinet photo are available for refacing projects  Glazed cabinet doors like those shown in this new cabinet photo are available for refacing projects

The Complete Cabinet Refacing Business Guide

Although cabinet refacing has been around for a long time, there have not been any full length books written on the subject of starting and operating a cabinet refacing business for independent operators.  That is... Until Now.

My E-book, The Complete Cabinet Refacing Business Guide, will take you through the entire step by step process of starting and operating a cabinet refacing business.  Included in my business guide are chapters on learning the craft of cabinet refacing, marketing your new refacing business, conducting an in-home sales presentation, measuring homeowner's kitchen cabinets, preparing a detailed project estimate, closing the sale, writing up the sales contract for your customer's signature, placing the factory order, and many other important and relevant topics, including 9 appendixes and a 6 chapter addendum.  My business guide is designed to  help you build your new cabinet refacing business on a solid foundation for the future.

Before I tell you more about my business guide, I want to make sure you know what it takes to successfully operate a cabinet refacing business.  To help you determine if my E-book is right for you, please read the following section from the introduction to my business guide.


"Most small cabinet refacing businesses are started and operated by one person who will be actively involved in every area of the business.  For example, a new operator will plan and implement marketing campaigns, make in-home sales presentations, prepare and present project estimates to prospective customers, and spend about 5 days doing an average to larger size refacing installation.  Therefore, to successfully operate a cabinet refacing business it is necessary to have a variety of skills and abilities that complement this type of business.  This is not to say a new operator has to be a master woodworker, marketing wizard, or super salesperson.  On the other hand, I believe the person who is successful operating a refacing business will have competent skill levels in a number of areas that will make it relatively easy to go from one aspect of the business to another performing each task in a capable manner.  For instance, this E-book assumes that the reader is competent in the use of hand and power tools and has basic woodworking skills that will make it easier to learn and master the refacing techniques necessary to do a quality job.  This guide also assumes that the person contemplating starting a cabinet refacing business, will have good problem solving skills that can be applied to various refacing situations that require creative solutions.  In addition, it would be helpful if the aspiring cabinet refacing operator has good communication and people skills."

If you think you have the basic skills necessary to start and operate a cabinet refacing business after reading the above, this E-book is probably for you, and I encourage you to continue reading on the The Complete Cabinet Refacing Business Guide page.






John Ratz